U.S. government to spend $400 million to protect corn and other crops

The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) says it will spend $300 million to help farmers and farmers markets in northern Africa.

The agency said in a statement on Wednesday that the investment would support farmers and their markets, promote better practices, and improve food security in regions that face threats such as drought and crop failure.

The United States, which is the largest exporter of corn, has been the biggest buyer of U.NS grain, which has been a major source of nutrition for people in the region.

But drought and poor crop yields have made U.SN wheat and barley a mainstay in the local food supply.

The FAO is also considering new projects to help feed the region’s 1.3 billion people, including projects to improve the nutritional status of crops, support the development of biofuel production and boost food security.

The U!SN grain program, which will be launched later this year, is expected to have a positive impact on farmers and markets.

The $300-million fund is part of a broader $2.5 billion U.UN plan to boost food production in Africa and build food security, FAO officials said in the statement.

King’s Market: Bitcoin is a great way to invest, says KK Market founder

CoinMarketCap.com reports that King’s market is a good place to buy bitcoin and the digital currency is growing.

The market was created to track the value of bitcoin, and the value has increased by more than $3,000 since April.

CoinMarketScout.com notes that King has more than 200 companies in the cryptocurrency market.

A large portion of the money invested in King’s markets comes from the investments of hedge fund managers, who invest in the crypto-currency.

The hedge fund manager said that he made his money by buying and selling bitcoin, so he is confident that King is one of the best investments in the world.

Kris Kobach, the head of the U.S. Republican Party, has been a staunch supporter of Bitcoin.

The U.K. government is also trying to regulate the cryptocurrency.

The government wants to tax Bitcoin, and has announced it is looking into a tax bill that could include Bitcoin.

The government wants a 25 percent tax on Bitcoin to help fund a Bitcoin-related infrastructure in the country.

There are currently some restrictions on Bitcoin in Britain.

The value of a bitcoin can’t be more than 1.6 bitcoins per cent of the value in the pound, so the government said it was considering levying a 25% tax on the cryptocurrency in order to help support the development of Bitcoin businesses.

The tax would not affect Bitcoin exchanges or Bitcoin wallet providers like Coinbase and Kraken.

Bitcoin was last worth $13,200 on the bitcoin market.

The price of Bitcoin has risen by more $1,000 this week.

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