What’s going on in the US housing market?

A report from financial data provider Axios says there is a slight uptick in the number of US housing starts this year, but overall the housing market appears to be stable.

The report says the number has jumped to a whopping 10.3 million units, up from 7.5 million units in the prior 12 months.

The increase in the housing starts comes on top of a 4.3% increase in October and another increase in November.

That brings the total number of housing starts in the country to a record 12.7 million units.

That includes 6.2 million starts in October, up 6.4% from October and 6.3 in November, the report said.

A similar rise was seen in October when the US saw a total of 8.1 million units start.

It was the third month in a row that the number hit a record, but the month before it was the fourth straight month the number had not been above 10 million units the report added.

But it’s not just the housing start numbers that have risen this year.

The Axios report says there were 2.7 more jobless claims in October than there were in September.

That means the number was up 8,000 jobs, or 6.7%.

The number of people who have applied for jobless benefits in the first six months of the year has also risen.

That’s up from 4.9% in September, the lowest since February 2015, according to the report.

The rise in unemployment is partly due to the fact that there have been more people filing claims, but also because there are more employers opening their doors, the Axios analysis said.

This year has been the first to see the number drop in the labor market, which has been in a steady decline.

The jobs report also comes after another report from the Labor Department, which showed that the unemployment rate fell to 6.9%, down from 7% a month ago.

This comes after President Donald Trump has said that his administration would keep the unemployment percentage at 7% until he has a job.

On Monday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the economy added 288,000 new jobs in September compared to a month earlier.

The unemployment rate, which measures the percentage of the working-age population that is not working, was 5.6%, down slightly from the previous month.

The unemployment rate has been consistently in the single digits for decades.

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