Call Center Technology

TTC has made a commitment to bring the most effective technology to work on your marketing programs by investing over $1 million in call center technology. Sophisticated dialers, routers, servers, computers, recording and tracking equipment coupled with cutting edge programmers and technicians all lead to greater marketing effectiveness and our ability to interact with any company on a real-time basis.


TTC provides reports formatted and presented the way you want them and when you want them.  Program reports can document hourly, daily, monthly and year to date results broken down by offer, list, lead origin, and many other demographics and critical criteria.  Our reports will allow you to easily evaluate and modify your marketing strategies.

Digitial Recordings

All inbound and outbound telephone calls are digitally recorded at TTC.  These voice files are used for quality control, accuracy and for ongoing training purposes and are readily available to our clients.  Voice files are stored in a secure manner for whatever time period is necessary.

Real Time Posting

Real time postings means real time results.  TTC can receive leads in real time in order to capitalize on the contacts’ desire to buy or find out more about your products and services.  We can also post captured data real time directly into your operating systems for immediate processing of sales, leads, and other information.

Redundancies and Backups

TTC utilizes multiple T1 phone lines to assure that any marketing programs doesn't have unnecessary interruptions. TTC also employs an independent power generator to keep our call center on track should there be a power failure. Lastly, TTC routinely does backups of all systems and data and stores all information in a secure offsite location.

Call Transfers

All inbound and outbound call stations at TTC have the ability to transfer calls to another party.  This feature makes for higher conversions on sales and lead generation programs.