Online - Call Center Support

Every business needs to be online and be able to interact with their customers how ever they need support, but your business also needs a voice. TTC can be your call center voice - and do it profitably.

TTC can support your online business with both Inbound customer service or Outbound sales and prospecting

TTC can take your online inquiries or sales and monetize them further for you with call center follow-up.

We can take your online inquiries in a real-time post and call them back within minutes of their request for information. A live phone call can clarify questions, reassure your customers and make the relationship stronger. We can also probe for other opportunities.

If you are selling a product or service online, TTC offers 24/7 Inbound customer service at incredibly competitive pricing. Plus we have a package that can potentially reduce or eliminate costs through our "partner program". Call for more information.