Call Center Services

  • Inbound


- 24/7 sales, customer service, lead gen, reservation

  • Outbound


- Sales, customer service, lead gen, verification

  • Internet


- Opt ins, shopping cart abandons, lead gen, up-sells





TTC offers a full range of sales services.  Whether your audience is generated through Direct Response, Internet, Catalog, Inquiry, Prospects or your own Customer Files, our sales reps are experienced with selling your products and services. 

Customer Service

Need help satisfying your customers' needs? TTC has experienced, professional and courteous staff that knows how to resolve whatever issue your customer might be having whether it be billing, shipping, return, or a product questions. Our staff can be trained to work directly into your systems in order to give them access to data for real-time problem solving.

Lead Generation

TTC is an expert when it comes to generating quality leads. Leads can be generated using our inbound and outbound, Internet, or email services. We can drive targeted leads based on demographic criteria such as credit score, income, age, hobbies, medical needs, etc.

Shopping Cart Abandon

Having a problem with customers that leave your site before completing their order? Let TTC call back these Shopping Cart abandons and convert them to buyers.


TTC can generate additional revenues for you by offering a variety of your own or outside products and services to your audience.  Up-sell sales can be the difference between turning a marginal marketing campaign to a successful marketing campaign.


TTC can call back sales, leads, and inquiries to verify and confirm information.  This is a perfect time to offer up-sells and generate additional revenues.