Mitchells Fish Market: Fish Market in a Post-Apocalyptic World

Posted February 09, 2019 05:06:00A place where the local market sells fish is Mitchells, New Zealand.

Fish market owners Mitchell and Sarah Miller have been trying to keep the fish market alive and well for about 10 years, since they were unable to make it from their local home to their new home in the North Island, about two hours away.

It’s not just the fish they’re selling.

They also sell handmade crafts, art, and a few other products.

“We’re still trying to find the right way to put our business on the map, so we’re still looking for new markets to expand,” Sarah Miller said.

Their first foray into the market was in the middle of the winter of 2015, when the fish markets of New Zealand were in a deep freeze.

The weather was a big deal, but also the sheer number of fish caught was quite overwhelming.

Miller and her husband had been buying the fish, in hopes of raising enough money to make the journey back to their home in New Zealand, where they were in the process of moving.

They started with the local fish market in the town of Whakapapa, which they said was the first of its kind in New South Wales, which was just a few hours drive from their new house.

Mitchells Fish market owner Sarah Miller (right) with the fish she sold at her new home, Mitchells.

After months of searching for an old-school fish market with the right balance of locals and tourists, Miller decided to go back to her old hometown of Auckland to find a new market.

She and her team took out a loan to buy the property in 2015 and bought a new house, which she’s now living in.

In the years since, the market has grown to about 50 shops, from one small shop to three full-scale businesses, including a new store.

Now, after several years of trying to stay on top of what’s happening in the market, the fish and seafood vendors are looking to expand their business and expand their offerings.

To get the word out about the new market, they’re planning to take on a Facebook campaign to promote their brand.

I think they’re really keen to get out there and get people to come and visit the market to buy their fish and fish products, and then they’re also planning to have a booth at their booth at the next event in the year, and the year after that, so people can try them out themselves.

This is the first time they’ve opened a market in New Britain.

So far, they’ve sold about 15 tonnes of fish.

But, like the rest of New South England, the locals will have to wait a while before they get their first taste of Mitchells fish and its many other products, like breads, jams, and cheeses.

As the local community in Mitchells slowly dwindles, and its inhabitants begin to lose the will to live, there are few opportunities left for the local businesses to grow.

With the market set to close in February, the only remaining places for locals to buy fish will be at the fishmarket, at Mitchells’ new home and at their new restaurant, where fish will once again be sold at a cheaper price.

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