Why the market is set to tank this season for the Panthers

NFL.com’s Chris Mortensen reported Tuesday that the NFL’s market is poised to tank in 2018.

“It’s the season of the tank,” Mortensen said.

“We are going to see teams sell off teams.

And that’s going to be the end of it for the league.

It’s just going to happen.”

The NFL’s top-selling franchise, the Pittsburgh Steelers, has already sold off their entire stadium lease, and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that the team is expected to sell off all of their new luxury suites.

“I don’t think the NFL has any other viable business model than to sell itself on the back of the fan base,” the Post-GS said.

The market could be the NFLs first significant sell-off in two years.

The Panthers, who have not had a winning season since 2005, are in a rebuilding phase.

They were 3-10 in 2016 before a 2-14 finish in 2017.

The team was 3-13 last season before winning the Super Bowl.

The new owner, Stan Kroenke, is hoping to build a brand with an NBA franchise that has yet to be built.

The NFL has historically sold out its home games in both 2016 and 2017, though they have not sold out a home game in three years.

This year, the Panthers were scheduled to host the Washington Redskins on January 12 in their first game back since 2016.

The Rams are scheduled to visit the Panthers in Week 1 and the Packers on December 7.

In 2017, the Rams and Packers were the only NFL teams to sell out their home games.

According to Mortensen, the NFL is hoping that the season will end with more sell-outs.

The next game, between the Seattle Seahawks and the Cleveland Browns, is scheduled for January 6, 2019.

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